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the reinvention of new york

Columbia University alumni take note: Columbia Alumni Relations, in partnership with Digital Knowledge Ventures, is proud to present Learning @ Columbia. This portal to online and face-to-face learning opportunities is designed exclusively for Columbia alumni.


C250 Forum presents e-seminars created by Columbia University faculty and produced by Columbia’s Digital Knowledge Ventures. E-seminars are three- to five-hour online learning experiences designed to guide students through topics using text, video, archival photography, interactive maps, and a variety of other media.

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Columbia Lore

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alumni links

Click here for your comprehensive guide to online alumni resources at Columbia University, including all of its undergraduate and graduate schools and affiliated institutions.

Be sure to check out the alumni e-mail forwarding from the University Development and Alumni Relations office.

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Stand, Columbia
Prof. Robert McCaughey's history of the University, the first of its kind in a century, is hot off the press.

genes and genomes
Explore how genetic research will influence the diagnosis and treatment of human diseases.

Columbians Ahead of Their Time
The story of Columbia is the story of those who have shaped history, culture and science over the last 250 years.

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