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This site was created between June 2003 and December 2004 to mark the 250th anniversary of Columbia University. Its content—which reflects the efforts of people across the University—will remain online through 2005.

C250 Web Team

Managing Editor,  Jerry Kisslinger (UDAR)
Director of Production,  Jason Fox (Digital Knowledge Ventures)
Production Manager,  David Park (UDAR)
Writer/Editor,  Syd Steinhardt (UDAR)
Rights and Research,  Kathyrn Pope (DKV)
Photo Researcher,  Heather Campbell (UDAR)
Events Calendar Editor,  Alex Oberweger (Columbia 250 Office)
Assistant Editor,  Brock Pennington (DKV)
Web Developer,  Carlos Zambrano (DKV)

Launch Version

The launch version of this site was designed by Edelman Interactive Solutions. Special thanks to:

Michael Kuczkowski
Russell Dubner
David Dunne
Greg Lipman
David Lawrence
Frank Brathwaite
Ovidiu Roatis
Esther Buterman

Symposia and Special Feature Pages (DKV)

Vincent Aliberto, James Burger, Richard Cunningham, Vivian Ducat, Jeff Florendo, Nathaniel Herz, Kirsten Hudson, Carol Kassel, Rebecca Miller, Sasha Mysakova

Additional symposia production support provided by David Marks, David Levitsky and Robert Branch, Columbia University Office of Public Affairs Video Department

Historical Consultant to Columbia 250 Robert McCaughey, Ann Whitney Olin Professor of History, Barnard College, Columbia University

Columbia 250 acknowledges the invaluable assistance of the following in the creation of this Web site:

Ric Burns and Kate Roth (Steeplechase Films)
Kenneth T. Jackson and Henry King, cochairs, Columbia 250 Steering Committee
Robert McCaughey, historical consultant to Columbia 250
Glenn Peterson and Javier Broch (Columbia University Health Sciences)
Marilyn Pettit and Jennifer Ulrich (Columbia University Archives and Columbiana Library)

Intellectual Property Rights

The material contained herein is the exclusive intellectual property of Columbia University and is considered protected by standards of fair use. Original material for this site is copyright Columbia University and Columbia 250.

C250 Staff

Chief Operating Officer,  Ember Deitz
Executive Director,  Roger Lehecka
Director,  Kathy Anderson
Associate Director,  Andrea Solomon
Associate Director,  Alex Oberweger
Associate Director,  Glenn Peterson
Communications Specialist,  Raul Martinez
Program Coordinator,  Anna Rubley
Project Administrator,  Elizabeth Vera
Program Assistant,  Edmund Friedman
Program Assistant,  Allen Williams
Administrative Aide,  Sasha Britland

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